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Your Event, Through Their Eyes

guestographer [ges-taa-gruh-fr]


guest who captures photos and videos on their phone.


e.g. "Anyone can be a guestographer!"


Check out this wedding, captured by guests!

Lauren & Devin  - Guest Highlights

Lauren & Devin - Guest Highlights

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Long Story Short...

Guestographer® is a whole new way to approach capturing your Wedding or Event. We provide photo & video editing services, using media provided by your guests. We take what your guests capture, and bring it all together in a completely unique way!

The way we see it, your event will be filled with people who you are already capturing the best moments of the day on their phones, and they are people you love and care about; your guests! So why not use what they capture?

Together, your guests will create a lasting memory of your special event, from a perspective only they can give.

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