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How It Works

The whole process is super simple. You're just a few clicks away from having everything you need for a great Guestographer experience!

1. Order

First, select a package from our "Pricing" page!

2. Create

After purchasing, navigate to your "orders" page in your account, and click "Create Event". Then enter all the details for the big day!

3. Prepare

Once the event is created, your Guestographer page will be ready to go!


All packages give you access to:


  • A custom QR code that you can use to direct your guests to upload their content directly to your event

  • Tips & Tricks on how to best prepare, and to get your guests involved

  • A Media Gallery where you can see and edit content uploaded by your guests!


  • Get an automatically-edited highlight video with the Album + Automatic Highlight Package!

  • Or have your highlight video professionally edited with the Album + Professional Highlight Package!


4. Enjoy

This one's obvious, but seriously, ENJOY your event! You've made all the preparations, everything's going to go great...or maybe something will go wildly wrong...but hey! At least your guests will capture it either way right?!

5. Receive

For Automatic Highlights

After your event, your guests will have seven days to send in content before the Highlight Video is automatically created!​ During this time, you can check on the progress, and see what has been sent in by checking your Media Gallery!

This would be a great time to nudge your friends & family, and make sure they send in what they've got before the deadline!

For Professionally Edited Highlights

Your guests will still have seven days to submit their content before our staff editors get to work! The finished highlight will be delivered within 30-Days!

6. Premiere

Applies to Highlight Videos Only

Seven days after your event, the first draft of your Automatic Highlight Video will be automatically generated. At that point you will be able to make as many changes to it as you want!


We encourage your involvement in the process of creating the highlight video, so that it is completely your own! The Automatic Highlight video will allow for unlimited re-edits using our built-in editing tools!


The Professionally Edited Highlight will be delivered within 30-Days, and allows for up to 3 re-edit requests for our editors!

Once you are satisfied with the Highlight Video, you will be able to finalize, share, and download the final product!

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