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Our main product is the Highlight Video, which is automatically edited from your guests' videos! But we also have a free product to get you started!

  • Basic Guest Album

    Collect Photos & Videos From Your Guests!
    Free Plan
    • Setup your custom event
    • Get a Custom QR Code
    • Invite guests to send what they capture
    • View & Download Photos & Videos
    • Share Your Digital Album
  • Featured

    Highlight Video

    Get a polished Highlight of your Guest Videos
    • Setup your custom event
    • Get a custom QR code
    • Invite guests to send what they captured
    • Highlight Video automatically created 7-days after event!
    • Customize & Edit the finished video in the Media Manager
    • Unlimited Re-Edits (with watermark) to get it just right!
    • Watermark removed when you are ready to finalize
    • All guest media showcased in your Media Gallery
    • Exclusive Customer Support
    • Includes Basic Guest Album Features
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