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Our Story

The Idea...

Guestographer was founded by videographer & small business owner Jared Belt, with a simple idea to highlight the videos (and photos) captured by guests!


Having spent over 10 years in the wedding industry, Jared saw over and over how couples would try to keep their guests from taking photos and videos on their phones, citing the professionals who were hired to do that. They would put out "unplugged ceremony" signs and even make announcements about it, and yet...people still pull out their phones. It's human nature; they want to capture those special moments for themselves to look back on. 

Then came the epiphany. Guests will pull out their phones, and they will capture those moments, so why fight it? Let's put that content to good use! Thus, Guestographer was born.


Jared Belt, Founder

"I have always felt that there is no replacement for professional videography. When done right, it is a priceless investment. However, as a videographer myself, I couldn't help but notice that there was an opportunity being missed at every single wedding; the unique perspectives of the guests.

I used to be frustrated with guests filming on their phones while I'm there filming the same event on a professional camera. But it hit me one day that their perspective truly is special. Even though it is being filmed on a phone, the moment itself and the reason the guest wanted to capture it is beautiful. It's time to celebrate that, and involve the guests in this event-capturing arena."

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