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Hello World - Guestographer Officially Launches!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

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It has been a long road to get to this point, but I am thrilled to announce that the day has finally come! Guestographer® is officially launched and open for business!

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The Backstory

If this is your first time hearing about us, here's a little background. Guestographer is a whole new way to approach capturing your wedding or event, by using the videos & photos (photos coming coon) taken by your guests! Historically, guests capturing events on their phones has been frowned upon, with some even going as far as putting out "unplugged ceremony" signs at their wedding to discourage the guests from filming. But, inevitably, people still film on their phones. It's human nature to want to capture and remember those special moments. So we figure, why fight the current? Let's go with the current, and put those guest videos to good use! Thus Guestographer was born.

I am a full-time wedding videographer in Central California, and this idea was sparked from my experiences at hundreds of weddings over the last decade. I always saw guests capturing things on their phones, and realized that they are already doing what I'm there to do (of course in a lower quality and without the intentionality of a professional videographer, but still capturing the most special moments nonetheless). They are there, and are instinctively in-tune with the most important moments to capture. They pull their phones out and start recording, because they know that they are witnessing something they will want to remember. It eventually struck me that the guests have, in their possession, footage from all the best moments of the entire day. That sounds like a highlight video I want to see.

The Latest Product (in beta)

The most exciting new product for Guestographer currently is an automatically edited highlight video of your event, using clips captured by your guests. That is the main service that I have been spending the last year and a half programming, to get it as good as possible before the big launch! We are still in beta testing with the system, which is why we offer a 5-Year Guarantee which I'll discuss later in this post. The other two main products are the Guest Album, which collects the photos and videos for viewing and downloading, and the Professional Highlight, which is a highlight video of your event that is edited entirely by professional editors on the Guestographer team!

👉 See examples of Guestographer in action, and a full walkthrough of the product in The Gallery.

A Special Gift, Just For You (2023 Automatic Highlight Users)

And, because I recognize that we are in our infancy in this new endeavor, I want your help in making it the absolute best in can be. So, for those of you who jump in with us at the start and place an order, I want to point your attention to a special little notice you'll find in your orders; a personal guarantee. I personally guarantee that we will make your finished product the best it can be, even if I have to go in and manually edit your highlight video myself! I know the automatic editing system will need fine tuning over the years. And so, I also promise that as we make significant improvements to the system, we will grant you renewed access to re-edit your finished highlight videos using our latest tools & technology. This renewed access will be available to all who place an order in 2023, and will apply to the next 5 years of updates!

Normally, once you finalize your highlight video, the product is delivered and the editing tools are locked off at that point. No further re-edits can be made as the order is considered "fulfilled". However, this special guarantee for early customers will allow you to re-access those tools whenever major updates to our system are made, to ensure that you get the best possible product from us as we get better and better!

Thank You!

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to all who have come to take part in this at the start of it all! We have a long road ahead of us, and many milestone improvements planned to make this an even greater asset to the event industry going forward.

Here's to new beginnings!

Jared Belt

Owner, Guestographer

Message from the Founder

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